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Online Reputation Management / Social Media Management

What is Online Reputation Management ORM / Social Media Management SMM?

Online Reputation Management / Social Media Management / Internet Reputation Management Services, is a modern version of good old Public Relations Services. Someone in your team, or an external consultant / PR services provider, should deal with your PR, and should be responsible for monitoring / managing all information on the internet relating to your actions, company, employees, brand, products, services, etc.
(Please note, this concerns UK-based businesses of all sizes)

Why do you need an Online Reputation Manager / Social Media Manager?

The printing presses are falling silent, and the World Wide Web has reached every house / business in the UK. The traditional one-way PR machine is being replaced by a much faster two-way version – PR2.0 / Web2.0.

Small business owners may say, “I’ve never paid for PR in my life!” No, but you will have had feedback from your customers and experienced the power of ‘word of mouth’. Much of this is now happening on the internet.

Before the internet, businesses could ‘do their thing’ more or less with impunity and little feedback, but online trading sites, directories and social media / traditional media sites have given people an online voice.
Now consumers and business customers have an instant way to respond to company PR, advertising claims, service quality and product satisfaction. Businesses are now on a virtual stage in front of a live audience that is getting very adept at interacting with the cast but most of the time the cast isn’t listening! (your team?)

This is a business owner’s dream and nightmare in one. (dependant on how ‘customer–focused’ you are) Customers and people in the media could be leaving you great, or not so great, feedback online, and unless you have an online reputation manager to monitor this feedback 24/7, you may never be aware of it.

So what, you may say. Well, you will no doubt agree that it is very useful to get customer feedback on your latest product or service, but many businesses have made it so difficult for people to reach the right person / department, (a nuisance) that many people will tell their friends before they take the trouble to contact you. The problem is that their friends are all online and a short Tweet or a comment left on a review website is much easier than talking to your answerphone or a call centre in Mumbai.

This feedback / User Generated Content (UGC) / Consumer Generated Media (CGM) can be very flattering, but it can also be very damaging. There are already hundreds of horror stories online about how sales of products or company share prices have shot up or collapsed within 24 hours due to online media content.
It is up to you, or your online reputation manager / social media manager, to manage this online content, so you maximise any advantage, or minimise any damage. Daily online reputation management is a must.

How can we help you with your Online Reputation / Social Media Management?

Demand for Online Reputation Management Services / Social Media Management Services is growing fast.

Most business owners we speak to, contact us because their websites aren’t generating any enquiries.
In many cases their website is invisible to people searching for their product or service on Google.
This is often due to the fact that absolutely no attention has been paid to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or Online Promotion / Online Marketing (OM) of their website.
Both are crucial to the success of their website but neither may have been tackled by their web designer.

In some cases it becomes apparent that the real reason why their phone isn’t ringing, is the fact that several people have left negative feedback on the internet, and that is scaring off many other prospective customers. Just a few bad reviews on popular social media sites / review sites / directory websites can kill your business.

If you have discovered the power and value of the internet through the success of other websites, you will have no trouble in deciding to use the cost-effective services of a website manager / social media manager / online reputation manager to ensure that you make the right first impression /protect your online reputation.

For an affordable monthly fee we can monitor or manage your company profile / company reputation for you.
That way you can concentrate on running your business, and we will keep you informed about, or deal with your online business reputation / online company profile. This way, you will be one of the first to know.
If you have more spare time than cash, we can provide you with the information you need to take care of your own online reputation management / social media management and company profile.

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