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How Is Your Business Website Performing?

You don’t have a website yet? Then visit our GYBO Advice Page first. Do you lack sales enquiries from your existing website, or is your shop or business struggling to find new customers? If your answer is YES, then you could benefit from our Website Promotion Services, and Internet Marketing Services.

Creating a website is only the first step – very much like writing a book. No matter how much you have spent on creating your website, if you don’t promote or optimise your website, (make it Google and people friendly) new customers won’t find out about your business, and your website will remain invisible.

Around 80% of websites on the internet can’t be found by new customers, unless they already know its web address or company name, and that is a huge loss of potential sales that will go to competitors instead.
This is a bit like opening a new shop in a dark alleyway that only your closest family and friends know about.

Not convinced about the importance of local supplier searches? Even if you have a business which is not based in a major town or city, (in Hull, or rural East Yorkshire / UK), watch this Google Search Failed Video.

We work mainly with; Hospitality / Holiday Accommodation Owners, Independent Retailers, Small Businesses, Professional Service Providers, as well as local playgroups and children’s charities.

"Thank you so much for sorting our Estate Escape’s position in the search engines. It all happend so quick.
Just wish we had done this twelve months ago!" Victoria - Luxury Holiday Cottages in the Yorkshire Wolds.

How Do You Attract More Customers?

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There are millions of websites online, but only about 20% are attracting customers. The key is using the right Website Promotion Services and Google Search Services – SEO company. The use of a trusted SEO Services (Search Engine Optimisation / Search Engine Optimization), Online Website Promotion / Online Marketing (OM) company, can help ensure the success of your website. There are several different skills involved in creating a successful website, and an SEO company such as ours, can help you attract visitors to your website and help convert them into clients.

Your Web Designer may not specialise in Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization Services and Search Marketing / Online Marketing. These may have been mentioned when you discussed the site creation with your website designer, but it was either forgotten about, ignored, or the extra cost deemed unnecessary.

Website Promotion and Website Design / Creation depend on each other, as they are two sides of the same coin. One without the other will not work.

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How Mobile-friendly is Your Website?

You may not own a Smartphone / iPhone / iPad, however the number of people searching for your website from a mobile device / tablet / PDA is growing so fast, it must not be ignored. If by chance they do find your website, they may leave straightaway if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. This will register with Google as a ‘Bounce’, which will damage your search engine ranking. We can help make your website mobile-friendly.

How mobile-friendly is your website? Cut-and-paste your domain name here; Mobile Website Checker

What Are People Saying About You Online?

You could be suffering from negative online feedback / bad reviews. This could stop new customers from contacting you. To see if you need help from an Online Business Profile Manager / Social Media Manager / Online Reputation Manager, see our Online Reputation Management / Social Media Management page.

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How Can We Help You?

If you feel that your existing website is not living up to its expectations or potential, let us take a quick look at it and we will report you our findings. Your budget can then dictate what you / we improve first. We can make the required website improvements, or provide you with the information you need to do the work.

If your workload or lack of skills prevent you from looking after your website adequately, let us help manage and maintain your website. With our affordable website promotion and website management services your website will look more professional, and you will avoid the costly mistakes other website owners make.

If you are planning a new website, I would recommend that you involve us at the earliest opportunity, as Google Search and Online Marketing work best when coordinated with your web design and content. BW-SEO can help you with website design and website hosting too. Let us help you launch your website.

Worried about the cost? How much would every unexpected sales enquiry from your website be worth to you? A successful website can very quickly recover the small amount you invest, through the extra enquiries.
Yes, you could attempt to do the work yourself, but remember this; You can replace money, but not time!

If you still prefer to do the work yourself, request the FREE 32-page Google SEO Starter Guide (opens email).

Who is BW-SEO?

Business Website SEO is an Internet Marketing consultancy / SEO consultancy based near Hull East Yorkshire, UK. We work with UK business owners who want to monetise their websites, and who want to grab the sales their competitors are currently getting. With many years’ experience, we can transform your website / business.

We are passionate about reviving struggling businesses by resuscitating their unsuccessful websites. “There is no better feeling than hearing a business owner rave about how their once invisible website is making their phone ring and their email inbox fill up, as they are no longer limited by location, opening hours, or the weather.”

Your Local Support for Barton, Beverley, Bridlington, Brough, Driffield, Goole, Grimsby, Hessle, Hedon...

What Do Our Customers Think?

"Going from 0 to over 1,000 visitors a month within two months was brilliant." K Lawton - Ferrybridge

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Your Success = Our Success

“More website visitors lead to more enquiries and more sales – Simples!”

A 400% increase in web visitors is not unusual. Book your website audit and transform your business today.

Why are Website Promotion, Internet Marketing, and SEO so important?

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