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GBBO Google Sites FAQs - GBBO Frequently Asked Questions
(relevant to customers who signed up before 12th May 2011)

This Frequently Asked Questions page is no longer available on the official GBBO website

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How do I access my website administration?

Login to with the Google account used when registering your GBBO website

I signed up to Google Apps and now I can't access Google Sites

Some users have been experiencing problems accessing their Google Site, after signing-up for Google Apps. To rectify this problem please follow these instructions

  1. Sign in to your Google Account using the e-mail address that you used for Google Apps.
  2. Change the primary e-mail address on the account (use any address accept your Google Apps e-mail address).
  3. Verify the new e-mail address using the confirmation link in the email Google will send you. Sign in to Google Sites using the new email address.
  4. Select 'More Actions', and then 'Share this site'. Enter your Google Apps email address as an 'owner' and then sign out.
  5. Sign in to Google Sites using your Google Apps account details.

You should now have regained access to Google Sites, and your website.

I have forgotten my login details

If you have forgotten your login details, please click here to retrieve both your username and password.

Please note - GBBO employees do not have access to retrieve login details on behalf of a client.

I published my website using my Virgin Media, Sky or Blueyonder email address, but I can't access Google Sites to edit it?

Some users may experience problems accessing their site after signing-up using email addresses provided by Virgin Media, Sky or Blueyonder. To access your website and edit in Google Sites, please follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to your Google Account using the Virgin Media, Sky or Blueyonder email address you used to publish your website initially.
  2. Change the primary e-mail address on this account (use any address except a Google Apps or Gmail-based address).
  3. Verify the new e-mail address using the confirmation link in the email Google will send you - your password for your Google Account will remain the same.

You can now sign in to Google Sites using the new email address specified (alongside your original password), and can edit and improve your business website.

Why can't I transfer my domain for 60 days?

As per the official Policy on Transfer of Registrations between Registrars outlined by the domain name governing body, Nominet, it is not possible to transfer any domain name between and two registrars within 60 days of the creation date as shown in the registry Whois record for the domain name. This restriction is applied to both domain purchase and transfers and is applicable to all domains.

However, during this time it is possible to change the domain name settings (DNS) to point to a new provider for hosting or mail services. Your domain mail settings (MX Records) can be updated through your account, for all further DNS changes such as A Records, Nameservers, CName changes please submit a request through the form available within your account with the relevant information and we will be happy to make these changes for you.

Out with the 60 day domain transfer restriction, you may request a domain transfer through the form available within your

Please note, for security reasons we will only accept requests made through the form indicated above.

Why is my website not found by Google?

For your site to appear in Google search results firstly your site must be indexed by the search engine. Google is a fully automated search engine that uses software to crawl the web on a regular basis and find sites to add to its index – this process fully automated and it can take several weeks before a site is indexed.

Websites that would like immediate traffic can always use paid for advertising such as Google AdWords. Although it is possible for every website to be crawled by the search engine, Google cannot guarantee that every website will be found.

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Common reasons to why a website would not be crawled by the search engine;

  • The site isn't well connected through multiple links from other sites on the web.
  • The site launched after Google's most recent crawl was completed.
  • The design of the site makes it difficult for Google to effectively crawl its content.
  • The site was temporarily unavailable when the search engine tried to crawl it or received an error when the search engine tried to crawl it. You can use Google Webmaster Tools to see if the search engine received errors when trying to crawl your site.

You can check the current indexing of your website by searching for your domain name using the following format This will then display a link for every page on your website which has been indexed by the search engine. For example, to check the indexing of the GBBO website you would enter site: into the Google search bar

How can I change my domain name settings (e.g. nameservers)?

Your domain mail settings (MX Records) can be updated through your account, for all further domain name settings such as A Records, Nameservers, CName changes please submit a request through the form available within your account with the relevant information and we will be happy to make these changes for you.

For security reasons we will only accept change requests submitted through the request form provided within your account.

Why do I not have access to edit the HTML of my website?

The GBBO site controls are deliberately kept simple so that users of any ability can create and manage their own website and are not discriminatory based technical understanding of web design.

On completion of the domain registration the owner is provided with access to select a website template (site design) and full access to populate as many content pages as required.  Within the site control the owner also has access to select from basic template layouts, with the ability to upload site background images and set site colours and fonts. The owner also has access to the site layout control where the site width, header height and side bar width and position can be set using tools accessible to most levels of ability.

Within the site content areas there is an HTML editing option available for more advanced users. This however only contributes to the site content area and not the overall layout and design of the website. 

If you feel that the GBBO tools cannot provide the website functionality required by your business you can either;

  • Request through your account your domain name is pointed to a 3rd party host were you can develop a website to your requirements.
  • Speak with us, BW-SEO, to discuss what options are available to you, and how best to represent your business online

How can I set-up email for my address?

To set up your emails, please follow the instructions below:

Your GBBO account gives you direct access to update your domain MX records to allow you to run your mail through any provider you wish. If you wish to run your mail through your Google account you will be required to add Google Apps to your account.

Google Apps is Google's suite of tools for businesses. Like your new website, everything is stored online so you can access your email, calendar and documents from any computer, at any time. Setting up Google Apps for your business will allow you to create new email addresses, e.g.

There are two versions of Google Apps available for businesses, Standard and Premier Edition, compare the two and make a choice before you start the set-up process.

The instructions below will help you get started with both the Standard and Premier Edition of Apps. You can upgrade to the Premier Edition at any time.

  • Choose either Standard or Premier Edition and visit the Google Apps new domain set-up page. Select 'Administrator' and enter your 'domain name' (your website's address).
  • Follow the instructions and complete the form with your details, including ticking the box to confirm you can change the DNS. Accept the terms and conditions (Premier Edition only: You will need to choose the number of users you want to purchase email addresses for at this stage).
  • At the end of this process, you will be required to update the domain CNAME with a unique string.
  • You can request this to be updated for you through the domain record change form available within your account
  • You will be provided with a 'unique string', used to verify the ownership of your domain name by Google you should provide this string when submitting your request.
  • On confirmation of this change return to the Google Apps window and choose 'I've completed this step'.
  • Go to (you may need to log-in using your new Google Apps account details that you created in step 2).
  • You should now see the administration screen for your Google Apps account. Under 'Email', choose 'Activate'.
  • At the bottom of the next page, tell Google you have already completed the MX record set-up stage (we automatically set these up for you when we created your website).

Congratulations! Set-up is now complete, although your new email address may take up to 48 hours to function properly.

You can check your mail at Log-in using the details you gave at the beginning of the set-up process. You can test your new email account is working by sending a test email from another account.

Can I remove my details from domain WHOIS?

When you request a free domain name, BT is obliged to provide registrant details to Nominet, a body which administers and some other UK domains. Nominet will make those details available through a publicly accessible record called a “WHOIS” record, which you can find here:

If you wish at any time to change any of the information which appears on your site, you need to do this by using the editing facilities in Google Sites. It is not possible to hide the whois information on a GBBO domain.

Can I change my GBBO domain name?

It is not possible to cancel your domain registration. Domains are registered for two years within your GBBO account. After that time the domain will expire naturally if you choose not to renew it. If you no longer want to publish a website on your address you can remove the content from your site or delete it entirely using your Google Sites account.

If you wish to use your domain with a 3rd party web service it is possible to point your domain towards a new host. If you wish to point your domain to a new host please submit a request with the relevant details. As per the terms and conditions of the Google domain registration each business is entitled to only one free domain name through the GBBO Site.

How do I change my domain contact details?

Within your account you have access to change the “Registry Contacts” this will update the domain contacts only. These are the details which will be displayed when viewing your domain WHOIS and can be seen by anyone.

  1. Login to
  2. Select “Registry Contacts” from the “Actions” drop down
  3. Select “Edit current contact”
  4. Remember to save your changes If you require the account email address to be updated this must be done separately.
  5. Login to
  6. Navigate to “My Account”
  7. Click on “Update My Details”
  8. Within this section you have access to update your account details. These can be different from your domain “Registry Contacts” and are not shown to the public.

Why does my website not show on the naked domain? (without www.)

GBBO websites does not show without www prefix. This can be resolved by requesting and A record ( to be added through your account and adding your naked domain to the web address section of your website administration. To add the naked domain to the Google account the user should:

  1. Login to edit the website
  2. Navigate to “More Actions” “Manage Site”
  3. In the left navigation select “Web Address” under the “Site Settings” heading
  5. Add your domain name as an additional domain name but without the www.

You should now see something like the following;
Web addresses for this site: (Default) – Remove – Remove

How much web space do I get?

Each Google site is entitled to 100 MG. You can increase this by purchasing Google Apps if necessary.

I get a 404 error when going to my site?

  • Google 404 page

This will happen if the site has been deleted or the domain removed from the web address section of the administration area. The only way to correct this is by deleting the site and removing the domain fully and recreating when prompted (this will happen when login into the account). If the website shows up on the sites bit of your Google account the domain name has more or likely been detached.  Please go to More Actions>Manage Site> Web Address and in the space it allows you to add a web address type your domain name in full including the www.

  • Browser 404 page

This will happen if the domain has not been registered or has incorrect DNS.

I have been through the sign up process and published my site but domain is not registered?

It can take up to 72 hours for domain registration to complete. This is standard with all domain registrars. 

You will receive 3 emails at point of registration (2 from GBBO and 1 from Nominet). If you have not received these emails check the availability of the domain. If the domain is still available to register you may need to go through the registration process again.

Can I transfer a domain in to GBBO?

No. only domains registered through the GBBO website can be used with the GBBO site creation.

How do I verify my site with Google Apps?

You will be provided with a Google string when you have signed up for your Google Apps account. You should then login to your and request that a CNAME is added to the domain. You must supply the Google String.

How long is my domain registered for?

Your domain will be registered through GBBO for 2 years. You will be notified by email at the end of this period with the option to renew your domain registration. If you choose not to renew your domain name your domain registration will expire automatically. 

When signing up for a GBBO domain no payment details are entered there for domain auto renew cannot be offered

How do I access my website administration?

Login to with the Google account used when registering your GBBO website.

How do I know what account I used to set up my GBBO site?

During the site registration you will have been sent 3 registration confirmation emails to the mail box used during sign up.  Usually this is the primary email for your Google account unless the primary email was updated after registration.

My login details are incorrect!

We do not have access to view account login details. Login details can be retrieved at This is the only means of retrieving Google account login details.

I can no longer access site administration!

Did you delete any other users or any section of your site from the site administration? Could you have deleted yourself? Are there any other users with access? If so can they still access the site? If yes ask them to add you as an owner again.

After logging into Google Sites no page loads?

This issue has been reported by users using the Safari browser on Apple systems and appears to be limited to these conditions. You can try logging in with a different browser to verify and work around the issue.

Where do I go if I've lost my domain portal login details?

There is a password reset function included on the admin portal ( Simply enter your domain name (without www.) and continue from there.

What happens if my domain expires?

If the domain expires, the customer will have 35 days to renew the domain with successful payment; if payment is not received the domain is deleted at the registry. After this time, the customer has a further 5 days to pull the domain out of redemption, at an additional cost on top of the renewal fee.

What happens when my domain is due for renewal?

GBBO will send communications to the customer 30/15/5 days before expiry to login and renew their domain with a valid credit card. (You MUST inform GBBO if you change your email address)

How do I point my domain at another web address (forwarding)?

If you would like your domain to point to a different address, you can request this in your admin portal. Fill out the simple form, including the new location, and we will make the update. Please note, this must be requested through the admin form for security reasons.

What Zone access do I have on my domain?

Changes are possible to all zones, you can request this in your admin portal. Fill out the simple form, including the new details, and we will make the updates. Please note, this must be requested through the admin form for security reasons.

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